Decentralized collaboration engine (DCE)

By: Geeq  on Sep 14, 2022

The decentralized collaboration engine (DCE) is the last Geeq native generic application included in the roadmap before public mainnet. The DCE is the natural combination of previous development modules, such as multi-user permissions, application ledgers, Geeq Data, non-$Geeq tokens, block explorers with metadata, and micropayments.

The DCE provides accessible and secure attestations to versions submitted to systems that manage collaborative work. The need for this service will only grow: for on-location and remote work environments, as well as community-driven efforts that write to a common sources such as Google Docs or GitHub.

The DCE serves the purpose of removing central points of failure, releasing you from trusting other entities (such as Google Docs) to serve your documents or data accurately, because you and others will be able to verify its state for yourself. The DCE also preserves the option that non-permissioned parties will not be able to read the versions if users choose to store and exchange their versions without exposing their data to a non-permissioned party.