The Fundamental Problem with Big Data: Who Will Guard the Guardians?

By: Geeq

“Even if Google and Amazon did what they said they were going to do, there is absolutely no way I can verify that…”

– John Conley

With a constant stream of data leaks at major companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook, and high-profile scandals like Cambridge Analytica, consumer trust in the tech industry has been badly damaged in recent years. Regulators have responded with complex rules like GDPR, while firms have published updated privacy policies.

But as consumers, how do we know that firms are really following these guidelines? As our Co-Founder John Conley points out, the truth is – we have no way of knowing.

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The only way to change the dynamic is to build an alternative for consumers: one that makes it easier for consumers to act independently and able to verify the truth themselves. Find out how Geeq is creating a technological infrastructure that will move market power back to the consumers, where it belongs.

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