Geeq™ Value Proposition – Part 1

By: Geeq

Brad Laurie, cryptocurrency educator and Ambassador for Morpheus Labs, Geeq’s strategic partner, sat down with Geeq’s John Conley for a series of Brad’s famously direct questions.

The result? A technical discussion that led to Geeq’s unique value proposition: a well-articulated and game-changing toolkit for businesses to build interoperable blockchain services. Geeq’s multi-chain platform architecture allows flexibility for DApps while, importantly, keeping the complexity of any given DApp (e.g. smart contracts) completely away from Geeq’s stripped down and efficient security layers.

Geeq’s Value Proposition: Interview with BlockchainBrad

Brad and John also discussed the implications of Geeq’s technology for its competitiveness in the enterprise blockchain market. Geeq’s multi-chain approach allows enterprises or units within enterprises to target high value-added, blockchain services at a pace appropriate to their own needs. DApps built on Geeq are built on self – contained technology that takes care of billing and payments automatically with its utility token for its own system.

This approach has the distinct advantage that it will not disrupt nor add vulnerabilities to the IT systems already in place. Departments can implement one chain or multiple chains at a time and add more as they go. Geeq is not only limitless, it is adoption friendly.

Other blockchain approaches that incorporate a main chain, DAG, or blockchain governance can add substantial concerns about whether or not enterprise IT and security must coordinate or keep track of updates or potential hacks that could reach inside to affect the ledgers for their internal operations. It is also likely that such problems might hit all of the DApps’ functioning at once, which may make it difficult to smooth the allocation of resources over time.

Geeq’s overall approach to enterprise has another benefit: it allows businesses to take a more measured approach toward how and why it rolls out DApps. A new DApp could very well work as a complementary service to boost productivity for processes like manufacturing and supply chains. Indeed, there is interest in using Geeq to improve supply chain finance.

Alternatively, companies may consider providing DApps as added services in the portfolios of services they provide to their own customers (e.g. financial or insurance services). Using Geeq is also a way to signal (and prove) they are serious about delivering the customer guarantees they have promised. We believe the consumer demand for all of those services is growing rapidly.

Geeq has partnered with Morpheus Labs to further reduce the costs and time spent on prototyping and deploying DApps on Geeq as well as to bring Geeq’s technical expertise to Morpheus Labs’ adoption initiatives.

The full interview is available on Brad’s YouTube channel HERE. Please watch this space; we will feature other portions of Brad and John’s in-depth talk in the future.