by Geeq
Apr 7, 2021

Pain in the pharmaceutical chain: is blockchain the remedy?

Billions of dollars are wasted each year in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Geeq’s technology provides a low-cost way to track and document supply chain data in ways that preserve privacy, yet can be shared readily should their accuracy need to be proven to other parties.

by Geeq
Mar 4, 2021

Micropayments: from costly dreams to frictionless reality?

To think big, start small – and then multiply by a very large number.

by Geeq
Oct 7, 2020

Geeq™ Blockchain in the Mining Industry

Mining operations are increasingly facing pressure to modernize in ways similar to smart factories. The potential to translate solutions from one site to another suggest IoT backed by Geeq blockchain could remake the mining industry.

by Geeq
Jul 20, 2020

Geeq™ Value Proposition – Insurance

Insurance is a difficult information problem. Can Geeq help? As a data service that provides symmetrically available information, yes.

by Geeq
Jun 30, 2020

Geeq™ Value Proposition – DeFi 2

DeFi continues to be a red hot topic in Geeq’s rapidly growing community, so we were inspired to follow up with another installment of our explainers.

by Geeq
Jun 25, 2020

Geeq™ Value Proposition – DeFi

DeFi’s mission is to set up a permissionless, secure, expansive and decentralized ecosystem – so is Geeq’s.