by Russell

August 17, 2019



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by Amy Bell

January 24, 2019

Geeq : Pushing Distributed Ledgers Toward True Decentralization

One of our founding Geeqs, Stephanie So, was recently featured in a BlockPublisher article by Shehryar Hasan about consensus protocols. In the piece, Stephanie discussed some of her ideological issues with other blockchain implementations.

The idea that databases can be publicly accessed and distributed geographically often leads to the dangerous assumption that this data is beyond any outsider’s control. Stephanie says this is not the case.

In the BlockPublisher article,

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Geeq Ask Me Anything on Telegram

by Geeq Corporation

January 23, 2019

AMA Session with Geeq Founders

Update: A transcript is now available, courtesy of PaperstreetVC.

Ask Me Anything on Telegram: TH 1/24/2019, 4 pm EST

Join us on Telegram this Thursday, 1/24, at 4 pm EST for Geeq’s 1st AMA. Hosted by PaperstreetVC.

With Chief Economist John Conley – Aligning the incentives in blockchain and CEO Ric Asselstine – Steering straight at business pain points

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by stephanie

November 1, 2018


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