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By: Geeq

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The only useful blockchain—or at least the only one that honest, risk-averse people should trust—is one that can be proven to be a record of truth at all times. In blockchain speak, there must be a canonical (universally accepted) blockchain that always displays a truthful and immutable Current Ledger State (CLS). Geeq has proven this is possible by developing a proprietary consensus mechanism, Proof of Honesty™, and a system of audits.

Now we’re excited and proud to unveil our first demo. Check it out to witness Proof of Honesty at work. With Geeq, you can always find and interact with an honest node. Try to defeat it. This round, we’ve built a demo with fixed honest and dishonest nodes. (We’ll add more randomization in a later version, but you’ll get the picture.)

Other blockchains are vulnerable because a single dishonest node (or many) can do deceitful things that affect the blockchains—but they aren’t easily detected.

Of course, there will always be dishonest people.  It’s a fact of life.  At Geeq, we accept we can’t control other people.  We can’t force all people to be honest all the time. 

However, what we can do is empower you to protect yourself, so their actions cannot prevent the building of an always truthful and immutable blockchain. 

So, if you are an honest person who wants to find and interact with a definitively proven record of truth, this demo shows you how to do it. 

The bottom line:  At Geeq, honesty wins.  You can always find blockchains at Geeq that you can count on to be records of immutable truth, which is exactly what blockchains are supposed to be. 

Ready to check out the demo? Yes, I want to explore.

Stay tuned for new demo versions. We’ll keep showing you how, as life gets complicated, you will want to Be A Geeq.

Proof of Honesty™ is protected intellectual property; only blockchains built on Geeq’s blockchain infrastructure are able to be validated this way.  That said, we are building Geeq as an infrastructure project to support an easily accessible, completely decentralized platform for public blockchain: one we hope will endure long past the expiration of any patent protection.

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