by Geeq Corporation
January 10, 2019

Terepac IoT + Geeq Blockchain

Terapac + Geeq: Two technologies, one brilliant theory. Together, we offer incredible foresight and vision. We are experts at what we do, so we can provide the tools you need to get exactly what you want. We serve up real solutions—solutions that work and ensure you love the experience. Our platform is rock-solid, allowing our […]

by Geeq Corporation
November 15, 2018

Geeq : Featured in Blockleaders

John P. Conley: Blockchain, Game Theory, and Empowering Humans Above Machines by Fernando Sanchez John gets candid in an interview with Fernando Sanchez, and Fernando gets John to explain in plain terms how crucial it is to think about economic game theory when the blockchain stakes are high. “If you want to trust your society […]

by Amy Bell
November 1, 2018

Meet the Geeq: Thomas Johnson

“Meeting John was particularly memorable—he explained the whole Geeq blockchain network and how the token economics would work,” recalls Thomas Johnson, Co-Founder and Head of Operations for Digital Asset Management (DAM). “Given his deep economics background, he certainly left us with a positive impression on the Geeqchain protocol.” As Co-Founder and Head of Operations of […]

by Stephanie So
October 31, 2018

Welcome to Geeq Thoughts

Welcome to our brand-new blog space, Geeq Thoughts! We want our blog to be an honest, constructive, engaging and sometimes funny place for people to express their opinions, ask questions, make suggestions or simply think out loud about any topic that intersects with blockchain. We welcome people at all stages of understanding, curiosity and skepticism […]

by William Maeck
October 28, 2018

What’s wrong with Blockchain and Why do I not understand it?

“Blockchain” is a word used frequently but is arguably very misunderstood, or not understood at all. You will hear it at social gatherings as the usual meet and greet might be peppered with the “hey, have you figured out this blockchain thing yet?” The word carries a bit of high brow, insider cache – as […]

by Amy Bell
October 11, 2018

Meet the Geeq: Jay Coshan

“GeeqChain is one of those rare and beautiful projects where someone is building a truly disruptive technology that will further the foundation for blockchain adoption,” says Jay Coshan, CEO & Founder of UK-based Unique Block Group. As an expert poker player, Coshan knows a thing or two about high stakes strategies. That’s why he’s all […]

by John P. Conley
January 17, 2017

The Geeq Project is launched!

The Geeq Project introduces a new engine for blockchain validation that is far more secure and reliable than Bitcoin (Blockchain 1.0) and Ethereum (Blockchain 2.0).

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