Darryl Patterson

By: john

Darryl has been coding professionally since 1993 (and as an amateur since he was 12). As the CTO of Terepac Corporation, he has been developing IoT solutions long before IoT was even a term. Darryl has learned how to take a research project and turn it into a successful commercial product. He led the engineering team at Terepac, overseeing the scale-up to mass production, the development of the hardened firmware, and the architecture and development of a full-stack IoT solution and software platform.

Darryl is experienced in hiring and managing teams to solve technological problems and has worked on projects for many companies over the years including Dell, Xerox, Intel, GM, Bell Mobility, AmEx, and the Bank of Montreal.  He is skilled in a variety of languages and environments such as PHP, NodeJS, Golang, Solidity, IoT MQTT, MongoDB, and RESTful API. Darryl understands the value of structuring projects as logical subsystems and keeping teams on track and coordinated. He also sees the foundational importance of testing and quality assurance and, in particular, making sure that software, hardware, and network elements work together as a robust system in addition to functioning correctly as separate elements. Darryl’s exploration of blockchain began in 2016.  He believes that highly scalable and fast blockchain applications will enable a whole new generation of IoT solutions and will help them to go mainstream quickly.

While management and leadership are necessary for any project to succeed, Darryl believes that community is also essential. He is active on GitHub, has taught programing and developed certificate programs at a local college, headed a PHP user group in Toronto, and participates in many other outreach and educational activities. In the case of GeeqChain, Darryl will oversee the development of common code libraries, make sure that the architecture and other aspects of the project are well-documented, and work to make connections between the Geeq Team and the broader community of developers and enthusiasts.  Blockchain is a tool that can empower, protect, and create new possibilities in a variety of ways. Helping developers produce creative and innovative applications and making the potential and power of blockchain clear to users is part of the core mission of the Geeq Project. Darryl also likes boating.

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