Be Careful Out There

By: Bill Griffiths

Our team is busy at work in all parts of the company, all over the world.

On social media, such as Twitter or Telegram, or Meetup, official announcements will come from a GeeqOfficial account or @GeeqOfficial handle only.

Official announcements will only be issued from a GeeqOfficial account.

Our GeeqOfficial channel on Telegram is The valid usernames for various personnel are listed in the pinned note at the top of the channel.

Don’t Be Fooled on Social Media

Please be vigilant. Unfortunately, there are people who create temporary usernames to impersonate others. A common scam is to insert an extra “i” or “l” in a username, which makes the change difficult to spot. Scammers also copy and use stolen profile photos. If you think something is off, please mention it in chat. Better to be safe than sorry.

Our team will never write to you privately on Telegram or Twitter to ask you to make a contribution or transfer crypto to an address. If anyone writes to you with such a request, please block the user immediately, report the user, and alert an admin.

Yes, Geeq has Company Email

On email, all employees of Geeq have a email. All official announcements on email will arrive from the domain.

Please be vigilant if anyone claims to represent Geeq but is using another email address and do not hesitate to write if you would like to verify an identity or message.

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