Jay Coshan

By: Geeq Corporation

From a young age, Jay has realized venture through his passion for psychology and analytical thinking. Successful by the age of 18, Jay began building a property portfolio, enabled by a career in professional online high stakes poker which he continued over the next 8 years.

After 8 years of accumulating and renting properties, Jay transferred his personal experience and understanding of risk management to the world of property development. Here he particularly enjoyed the intricate subjective nature of planning and the evaluation of each site’s unique development potential; selling multiple sites for over one million British pounds.

Jay was humbled to be introduced to emerging blockchains and believing in the potential made the decision to shift focus entirely and immersed himself fully. Excited and determined to aid the industry reach to the masses, Jay began enthusiastically growing his network, backing & working alongside teams and individuals to further blockchain implementation.

Jay is delighted to be backing and lending his experience to GeeqChain, which he describes as one of the rare and beautiful projects where someone is building a real and truly disruptive technology that will further the foundation for blockchain adoption.

Jay was the youngest player in England to hold a golf course record at the age of 14, but fortunately for the rest of us, decided to play poker seriously instead.

Although on the face of it Jay looks like the ultimate workaholic, he has always followed his passions and doesn’t view a single day as so.

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