John P. Conley

By: john

John P. Conley is an expert in game theory, mechanism design, mathematical economics, and public economic theory. He began his career in the Economics Department at the University of Illinois, where he was promoted to full professor, and eventually moved to Vanderbilt University. John has been a visiting professor at Harvard University, Boston University, Université Paris 1, and Academia Sinica, Taipei.  He founded and continues to edit two academic journals and has long been active in the open access research community.

For the last ten years, John has focused his research on the economics of information and communications technology. Understanding the economics of the Internet, cloud computing, open and closed source software, Software as a Service, connected devices, etc. required him to develop a strong expertise in computer science, network and communications protocols, cryptography, and information theory.

John spent the 2016-2017 academic year as a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond. He began working on projects involving biometrics, privacy, and the game theoretic aspects of WiFi, PCS, and other radio protocols. In late 2016, he started to explore blockchain as a possible tool to help with these projects.  He quickly came to realize how vulnerable existing blockchain consensus protocols based in algorithmic game theory were to attack and manipulation. This led him to explore how economic mechanisms could be combined with elements of information theory and network protocols to produce distributed ledgers with a security guarantee that was really trustworthy. The result was a new consensus protocol called Proof of Honesty ™ which became the foundation of GeeqChain.  John also developed the Geeq Project’s innovative algorithmic monetary policy which makes GeeqCoin the first smart contract stabilized token.

John is a graduate of the University of Chicago (B.A.) and the University of Rochester (Ph.D.). He enjoys cooking, woodworking, classic cars, and long walks on the beach.

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