October 11, 2018

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Amy Bell

“GeeqChain is one of those rare and beautiful projects where someone is building a truly disruptive technology that will further the foundation for blockchain adoption,” says Jay Coshan, CEO & Founder of UK-based Unique Block Group.

As an expert poker player, Coshan knows a thing or two about high stakes strategies. That’s why he’s all in on GeeqChain, the world’s only bulletproof blockchain.

Coshan’s career took some interesting twists and turns before leading him to the world of blockchain. At the young age of 18, Coshan began building a property portfolio—all funded by his winnings from professional online high stakes poker.

“It was an amazing experience, and it taught me a huge amount about when new markets come to the Internet,” remarks Coshan, who started playing online poker soon after it first gained popularity around 2000. In those glory days of unregulated freedom, there was an explosion of online poker sites and thousands of players worldwide. “There are many similarities between poker and the blockchain market,” Coshan adds. “It gave me that analytical brain to constantly be looking at everything for an edge and an optimal solution to problems. It was a good training ground.”

After spending eight years playing poker and accumulating rental properties with his spoils, Jay decided to try his hand at property development. In that role, he sold multiple properties for more than one million British pounds. (That’s nearly $1.3 million in U.S. dollars for those keeping count.)

Then, Coshan was introduced to blockchain technology—and, as they say, the rest is history. Coshan founded Unique Block Group in 2017 with the goal of extending blockchain to the masses. A team of blockchain investors, advisors and evangelists, Unique Block Group finances and supports innovative businesses that pioneer disruptive blockchain implementations.

“Unique Block Group is an investment fund focused on early blockchain investments and tokenized assets,” he explains. “We’ve been investing in quite a lot of projects. Our primary mission is to be authentic within this industry. We want to make sure the industry as a whole is going in the right direction.”

“What first inspired us to partner with Geeq is John’s brilliant concept, Proof of Honesty,” explains Coshan. “Security within blockchain is very high on the list right now. But the core team behind GeeqChain really cemented it for us. They’re exceptional.”

Doubling Down on GeeqChain

As the only platform offering 100% security, GeeqChain is driving the blockchain game to the next level. This is precisely why Coshan is doubling down Geeq, where he sits on the Advisory Board.

“What first inspired us to partner with Geeq is John’s brilliant concept, Proof of Honesty,” he explains. GeeqChain’s indestructible validation layer obeys the Proof of Honesty™ protocol, proven by Vanderbilt University Chief Economist Dr. John P. Conley to be invulnerable to strategic attacks.

“Security within blockchain is very high on the list right now—that and scalability,” Coshan remarks. He says while there are plenty of brilliant blockchain papers out there, what really makes GeeqChain unique is its team. “The core team behind the technology really cemented it for us. They’re exceptional,” he says. “There really is no end to their depth. They’re constantly surprising me with new ideas.”

All things considered, Coshan believes GeeqChain is a winning hand. “I think over time, the security aspect of GeeqChain will be a big factor as people look for security within blockchain protocols,” he points out. “Also, the team itself will be able to push that message forward and get the tech to where they want it.”

Coshan says he’s betting on blockchain because he believes it has the power to enable a better future. “People are starting to question monetary policy and the way things are,” he says. “As they look to blockchain for answers, they’ll realize the power it has. On the surface, it’s very complex and complicated; but the more you look at it, the more you realize how profound it is and how much of an impact it could truly have.”

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