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Meeting John was particularly memorable—he explained the whole Geeq blockchain network and how the token economics would work,” recalls Thomas Johnson, Co-Founder and Head of Operations for Digital Asset Management (DAM). “Given his deep economics background, he certainly left us with a positive impression on the Geeqchain protocol.”

As Co-Founder and Head of Operations of Digital Asset Management (DAM), Thomas Johnson is no stranger to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency—which is why he’s not easily impressed by blockchain platforms. However, when he first met with the Geeq team, Thomas knew it was a match made in heaven.

A digital assets servicing firm based in Gibraltar, DAM assists institutions and retail clients with digital asset/crypto exchange to fiat (OTC Broker), cold-storage custody solutions and discretionary portfolio management. The company has seen phenomenal monthly growth and has onboarded a number of funds and exchanges. DAM now has more than 20 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as clients. “We most regularly assist ICOs liquidate their ETH/BTC positions into fiat so they can pay for their ongoing fiat costs,” Thomas explains.

Thomas first met Geeq CEO and Founder Ric Asselstine in June 2018, when a mutual business colleague introduced them. “Ric came to Gibraltar for a discovery exercise; he was particularly interested in our OTC service and Custodianship service,” Thomas explains. “He was very happy that we could liquidate the potential investors’ crypto into fiat currency and also securely hold Digital Assets for the company.”

DAM’s first meeting with Geeq’s John P. Conley and Ric Asselstine was a memorable one. Thomas, along with DAM co-founders Philip Vasquez and Sam Buxton, met with John and Ric on the terrace of a local wine bar in Gibraltar. “Being a fresh new start-up, we were very receptive to new leads,” Thomas explains. “Some have been fruitful; some not at all. But Geeq was different. We were left with a positive impression after our initial meeting. We were definitely inspired by them, and even more so after researching the team and project further.”

The DAM Difference

DAM is working hard to differentiate themselves from other digital assets servicing firms. “We pride ourselves on being able to give a good service and adhering to regulatory principles,” Thomas explains. “We recently received an in-principle decision from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to provide services as a regulated distributed ledger technology provider. Few other providers in our industry can say the same.”

DAM’s primary mission is to offer asset security, liquidity and conversion for corporate clients—like Geeq—as well as private individuals. 

Thomas brings a strong B2C, B2B and Blockchain foundation to the DAM team. His career started in 2005 with the British Army, where he worked closely with national and foreign military units in Gibraltar. He served for eight years in this role, which armed him with a wealth of practical experience.

Thomas later joined some of Gibraltar’s leading Online Gaming companies, including Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment and GVC PLC. He served as a VIP Account Manager at GVC, where he held relationships with high-net-worth individuals globally. When he moved onto a position at WaveCrest, Thomas took on the role of Supervising Manager of B2B operations. There he managed the Business Partner Services team and held key business relationships with respected blockchain businesses, such as Xapo and Wirex. Thomas left that position to establish DAM with Sam and Philip.

Thomas’ experience with blockchain started in mining cryptocurrencies. “Mining allowed me to explore the world of blockchain and digital assets at its very core,” he explains. Thomas started to trade on exchanges and educate other people of the possibilities and risks of digital assets. Unable to find any accessible local community or forum to discuss developments in blockchain, Thomas founded the Gibraltar Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community in 2017.

The fact that we have partnered at such an early stage is incredibly exciting for DAM. We look forward to sharing the excitement as Geeq grows.”

A Powerful Partnership

Thomas says DAM’s partnership with Geeq is quite unique. “DAM has helped many ICOs with their liquidity and custodianship needs; however, these have mostly been ICOs on the Etherum network, and we have partnered with these projects after all the ‘hype’ is over,” he says.

On the other hand, Geeq is DAM’s first blockchain protocol partner. “The fact that we have partnered at such an early stage is incredibly exciting for DAM,” emphasizes Thomas. “I think we will be able to share the excitement as Geeq grows; and we’ll potentially have our first long-standing relationship as the project develops.”

A Geeq Strategic Partner

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