Meet the Geeqs in Malta

By: Geeq

Founders John P. Conley (@John_P_Conley) and Stephanie So (@ComplicatedIsOK) will be at the Malta Blockchain and AI Summit next week. Be sure to say hello and stay tuned for news!

John and Stephanie arrived in Malta a day early to attend the celebration of the soft launch of the Global Blockchain Organization. The evening, emceed by GBO Advisor, CEO of GlobalBoost, and Founder at Washington Elite A.I. Blockchain Summit, Bruce Porter, Jr., featured short and engaging speeches from the dedicated and wide-ranging group of experienced economic change makers who believe in blockchain as a tool, to spur growth via a decentralized movement.

A happy subset of the Global Blockchain Organization Leadership Group

The speeches were followed by a wonderful reception and, of course, the rest of the AIBCsummit activities.

Bruce and John hit it off immediately during the reception and decided to re-enact their meeting on camera the next morning. The interview is available HERE.

On the last day of the conference, Blockchain Advocate Jessica Walker caught up with Stephanie to talk about Geeq’s mission and their partnership with Morpheus Labs in an interview HERE.

Stephanie and Jessica Walker

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