Embrace Blockchain With Confidence


Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by our Proof of Honesty protocol™ (POH), safe enough for your most valuable data, cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use.

Unsurpassed Security

Geeq has developed a proprietary protocol called Proof of Honesty™ that provides the security necessary for large scale, decentralized commerce.

Built to Last

Geeq is built, from the ground up, to provide foundational security for a bright, unending future. Individual blockchains can be customized for: Efficiency and low costs, flexibility of applications and smart contracts, interoperability and federated systems, and upgrade paths for the quantum age.

Everyone Wins

Geeq’s entire ecosystem is designed to provide incentives for everyone to share in the new, open, and accessible digital service economy. Every action is voluntary; if you provide value, you will be paid; and Geeq’s multi-chain platform means you can vote with your feet.


2017 – Conception

  • Founders concept
  • Research project
  • Geeq conceived
  • White Paper 1.0

2018 – Company

  • Preliminary patent application
  • Geeq launched as an Ontario Corporation
  • Stabilized-token mechanics
  • Technical Paper and Tokenomics 1.0

2019 – Technology

  • Network platform specifications
  • Prototype-Production code staging
  • Technical Paper v2.0 and Tokenomics v2.0
  • Build 1 – Foundational build

2020 – Launch

  • Build 2 – Application layer
  • Geeq Dapp Prototype Development
  • Build 3 – Security Build
  • Build 4 – Ecosystem Build

2021 – Adoption

  • Geeq Platform – Main-net
  • Commercial Implications
  • Commercial Adoption
  • Consumer Adoption

2022 – Scale Up

  • Geeq MicroCommerce Escalates

Competitor Comparison

(Bitcoin, Ethereum)
(Algorand, EOS)
Public DAGs
Private PoA
(Ripple, VeChain)
Private DAGs
(Hedera, Hashgraph)
BFT 99% 50% 33% 33% 33% 33-50%
Edge Security Yes No No No No No
Sybil-Proof Yes No No Depends Yes Yes
Wealth-Proof Yes No No No Yes Yes
Nation State-Proof Yes No No No No No
Anonymous Yes Yes Yes Depends No No
Trustless Yes Yes Yes Depends No No

Key Features

Proof of Honesty Protocol™

99% Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Edge Security

Limitless Scaling

No Mainchain

Low Cost

Innovative Tokenomics

Patent-Pending Technology

Token Allocation


Unissued Supply 59.38%

Pre-Round 2.22%

Unlocked-Round 0.4%

Customer Acquisition 3%

Marketing 9%

Founders 7%

Advisors 5%

Team 11%

Floating Liquidity 2%

Hybrid Seed Round 1%

*59.38% Unissued Supply

If any release, none will be minted until 6 months after the TGE.
All releases will be well communicated.

Token Release Schedule

0.4% Unlocked-Round
$0.25 with no lockup or vesting period.

1% Hybrid Seed Round
$0.25 and locked for 6 months after TGE.

2.22% Pre-Round
$0.18 released over 3 months.

2% Floating Liquidity
Will be released over 6 months.

3% Customer Acquisition
Will be released over 6 months.

5% Advisors
Locked until a successful mainnet is launched, estimated: 1 year after the TGE. Then vested for 12 months.

7% Founders
Locked until a successful mainnet is launched, estimated: 1 year after the TGE. Then vested for 12 months.

9% Marketing
Locked for 6 months, then vested for 24 months.

11% Team
Locked for 1 year, then vested for 12 months.

Founders, Team Members, and Advisors

Ric Asselstine

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

John Conley

Chief Economist and Founder

Stephanie So

Chief Development Officer and Founder

Lun Shin-Yuen

Chief Architect and Founder

Hans Sundby

Head of Crypto


Team Members


Team Advisors


The details of the rounds, liquidity and monetary policy, tokenomics and distribution may change depending upon conditions in the current regulatory, financial, and legal environment, agreements with liquidity providers, coding and other technical considerations. New information will be published here. Tokenomics and distribution will not change following the conclusion of the pre-round allocation.

If you are an Accredited Investor who is interested in subscribing to the pre-round allocation, please contact Geeq Corporation’s Head of Crypto, Hans Sundby, by clicking below. Contact Hans Sundby