Geeq Q2 2020 Update

By: Geeq

Greetings and salutations friends, it’s been a while, so we thought it was about time we give you another Geeqy update!


First, a quick recap on the code: the foundational work on PoH code development is underway. (Yippeeeee we hear you cry!) Within our last update, we advised you we had deployed multiple instances of the current version of the node client in containers to create a validation network for a single chain. Experimented with different resource allocations ranging for 512MB and 1/4 of one CPU thread of a Xenon processor to 2GB and a full thread, then lastly we ran a series of tests in which a random mix of valid and invalid transactions were submitted randomly to the individual node clients.

After working on the prototype code for the validation network, it was time to test out some proof of concepts for various applications. As you know, the Geeq platform is a multichain blockchain platform, so different applications can live side by side. Each blockchain application is validated, however the ledgers for Geeq tokens (that pay nodes for their work) are kept separate from the ledgers for the applications, which may include smart contracts.

To ensure Geeq can deliver to its clients, it was time to bring in partners and prospective customers to discuss what they could imagine wanting out of blockchain now, and then how they might want to build out in the future.

The Geeq team has worked closely with one such pilot client (unnamed for now), who has envisioned a four-stage build plan. In short, the Geeq way is to work with clients and developers to listen to what they need and build as we go. No wasted time, just solid focus and attention to solutions that our partners require.


The Geeq team have been busy networking and are in talks with potential customers and commercial interests. It is fair to say Geeq is in active discussions with pilot customers on 3 continents. Commercial interests have focused on using Geeq’s blockchain to provide clear, auditable records in supply chain, smart cities, and IoT. We would love to tell you more but as you know this sort of thing can be highly sensitive and we wouldn’t want to jeopardize any talks we are currently in.


Since the last update, we have added an announcement channel which we will be using to make finding all the latest information, interviews and media that we think you will be interested in easier to find and in one consolidated place. This can be found at

Geeq Confidant Program

To help with raising awareness of the Geeq project we will be shortly launching a Confidant Program for the expansion of our Geeqosystem. This will involve us connecting with strategic partners who wholeheartedly support Geeq’s mission, to bring together people who are interested in long term relationships and lucrative partnerships. Partnerships can include business, technology development or co-marketing. Geeq’s Confidants will help us grow our community and increase engagement across our channels such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit.

We will be reaching out to various people over the coming weeks and inviting them to work closely with the team, to join us in sharing Geeq’s vision with the world. If you feel you could bring something to the party then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team in


From the beginning, Geeq has been built to be a blockchain-as-a-service company.  Compliance has always been at the forefront of our minds.  While that has meant moving more slowly and carefully than many on the token side may have been used to, steady progress has allowed us to blaze new ground.

Geeq is pleased to announce it has been approved to appear on a broker dealer-operated Canadian-based crowdfunding platform, which typically chooses non-blockchain and far more traditional companies.  As a blockchain company, Geeq was held to an equivalent, if not higher, bar.  This crowdfunding project has been over a year in the making.  Geeq’s leadership has seen the process all the way through because it is consistent with Geeq values that all people (in this case, all accredited and non-accredited Canadian citizens) should have the opportunity  to participate in Geeq’s future.  Non-Canadian investor participation is encouraged, of course, although restricted to those who are accredited.  For Canadians, and as a precedent, we are proud to be taking a giant compliant step in the most inclusive direction.

We also can announce the Geeq Corporation is close to completing an Offering Memorandum to widen its funding funnel even further.  This will provide us with yet more compliant avenues to raise funds, as we continue to propel Geeq into the international spotlight.

Initial Exchange Offering

Due to the Covid19 situation world-wide, we decided to postpone the IEO. It has been a turbulent situation for all countries, companies and people in the world, and still is, but we are seeing some positive signs of returning to normal again. Geeq’s Team is close to finalizing the details to launch Geeq’s IEO which is being planned for announcement and launch very soon. We look forward to updating you all once we have dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s. So keep an eye out for the latest information by joining us on telegram or by following us at @GeeqOfficial on twitter.

We want to acknowledge the last few months have been painful for many of our friends around the world and we extend our sympathies. The Geeqs kept in touch with each other and we’re grateful our team is intact and more united than ever in bringing Geeq to the market and further developing the product. While the world continues to adjust, we Geeqs have been using our time wisely, conserving our energies and moving forward steadily on the four fronts that matter: Code, Customers, Community & Compliance.

We hope you have found this update informative and interesting and we look forward to seeing you all for the next one.

Keep looking out for future updates and thanks for reading!