Simon Wilkie

By: Geeq

Simon started out as a Postdoctoral Fellow and became a Member of Technical Staff at Bellcore, the major research arm of the seven telephone companies formed after the breakup of AT&T. After a residency at CalTech which spanned ten years, Simon spent a year in Washington, D.C. where he was appointed Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission. Simon is now a preeminent authority on spectrum auctions and telecommunications policy and regulation, with a detailed knowledge of the telecommunications protocols, bandwidth, and network configurations that will be required for the IoT. A huge asset for Geeq moving forward.

Friends for years, Simon and John most recently overlapped at Microsoft Research, where Simon focused on mechanism and market design and the monetization of data from IoT telemetry for enterprise customers, while John worked on the blockchain architecture that would enable such efforts.

Simon is now Dean, Faculty of Business & Economics and Head, Monash Business School, at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia