Geeq’s Limitless Ecosystem

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Geeq is a network of interoperable blockchains sharing a consensus protocol.

Unsurpassed Security.

Geeq has developed a proprietary protocol called Proof of HonestyTM that provides the security necessary for large scale, decentralized commerce.

Everyone Wins.

Geeq’s entire ecosystem is designed to provide incentives for everyone to share in the surplus of participating in a new, open, and accessible digital services economy. Every action is voluntary; if you provide value, you will be paid; and Geeq’s multi-chain platform means you can vote with your feet.

Geeq is a network of interoperable blockchains sharing a consensus protocol.

Built to Last.

Geeq is built, from the ground up, to provide foundational security for a bright, unending future. Individual blockchains can be customized for : efficiency and low costs, flexibility of applications and smart contracts, interoperability and federated systems, and upgrade paths for the quantum age.

Please take a moment to review our white paper for a high level overview or our technical papers for a deep dive into Geeq’s innovative protocols and architecture.

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October 28 – November 1

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Meet the Geeqs in Malta

Founders John P. Conley (@John_P_Conley) and Stephanie So (@ComplicatedIsOK) will be at the Malta Blockchain and AI Summit next week. Be sure to say hello and stay tuned for news!

Geeq at #CESC2019 and #SFBW

Founder John P. Conley is all over San Francisco Blockchain Week. First up, “Game Theory and Distributed Systems”. Next: “Algorithmic Monetary Policy” otherwise known as the theory behind Geeq’s stabilized-token. Last, a panel discussion on “Monetary Systems in an International Context”.

Glossary of Geeq™

Part of our goal is to help everyone feel comfortable and informed with how blockchain at Geeq works – and works for you. To ensure everyone in the community remains on the same page, we’ve constructed this ‘Glossary of Geeq™’.