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Join us as we strive to explain how Geeq has evolved, which features have been added, and why each step takes us logically straight toward public mainnet.

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Founders connect +
The Geeq Project +
White paper +
Patent application – Geeq’s information and communication technology +
Geeq Corporation established +
Technical paper +
Stabilized-token paper +
Validation for Geeq Pay +
Token launch as Geeq ERC-20 +
Patent application – hash-locked accounts +
Micropayments +
Application payloads +
Geeq Data application +
Geeq Data block explorer +
Geeq Data APIs +
Run dedicated environments +
Launch private instances +
NFT mints +
Application ledgers +
Fungible token mints +
Multi-signature accounts +
Multi-user permissions +
Decentralized collaboration engine (DCE) +
Atomic swaps and hash-locked accounts +
Network and systems operations +
$Geeq cross-chain interoperability +
Specifications for node clients +
Specifications for wallets +
Hardware wallet +
Code libraries +
Documentation +
External audits +
ERC to GEEQ token swap +
Point-of-sale crypto payments