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We are passionate about public blockchain, and about how our unique technology can drive generational change. Geeq is pushing toward our goal of a fully accessible, blockchain platform with an incremental strategy that leverages private instances as testing grounds to hone our services while building our user base at the same time.

Knowing the real world is full of uncertainties, our roadmap focuses on practical milestones without artificial deadlines. We are focused on results: building a robust, powerful, and secure technology from the ground up. Geeq’s protocols sidestep major obstacles and criticisms of existing blockchain projects, giving us the opportunity to win over the mass market. Our practical approach, rooted in real market demand, enables us to leapfrog competitors as we drive aggressively toward adoption.

Geeq CEO
Ric Asselstine
Founders connect +
The Geeq Project +
White paper +
Geeq Corporation established
Patent application – Geeq platform
Technical paper
Stabilized-token mechanics
Validation for Geeq Pay
Token launch as Geeq ERC-20
Patent application – hash-locked accounts
Application payloads +
Geeq Data application +
Geeq Data block explorer +
Geeq Data APIs +
Run dedicated environments +
Launch private instances
NFT mints
Application ledgers
Fungible token mints
Multi-signature accounts
Multi-user permissions
Decentralized collaboration engine (DCE)
Atomic transfers and hash-locked accounts
Network and systems operations
$Geeq cross-chain interoperability
Specifications for node clients
Specifications for wallets
Hardware wallet
Code libraries
External audits
ERC to GEEQ token swap
Public mainnet
Point-of-sale crypto payments