Why Choose Geeq Staking?

Geeq Staking offers three options to suit your preferences.

Geeq Staking can be likened to a savings account — it offers constant time-based returns based on the duration of your staking commitment. In other words, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards.

First, it is pool based. Meaning it is a group activity with multiple contributors for each staking contract.

Second, it is flexible. Meaning you have the option to withdraw early, stake until full maturity, or withdraw somewhere in between. But be warned: leaving early comes at a cost.

Third, it is all about liquidity. Meaning you have the option to stake your UNI-LP tokens for the Geeq/ETH pair, thus earning both uniswap fees + a great APY.

The terms of each staking pool (rewards, lengths, minimum contribution, etc.) are summarized below and are explained in more detail here. Jump straight to those step-by-step instructions here. Pools are limited and will close November 27th at 2 pm UTC, so please be sure to make your contributions before then.

UPDATE: Staking contributions are now closed, thank you for your support!

Happy Staking with Geeq!

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