by Geeq
Jan 20, 2022

Subscription models, re-evaluated

Geeq German Ramirez predicts the end of subscription-only business models, which opens an enormous addressable market for Geeq Pay.

by Geeq
Aug 26, 2021

Rethinking journalism: why small payments have big potential

Micropayments may not be a magic bullet for journalism, but in an industry still struggling to regain its footing, they can play a vital role in the revenue mix.

by Geeq
May 24, 2021

Geeq™ Payments – Markets on Wheels

You’re in your connected vehicle. You see a service you’d like to purchase. How should you pay? With Geeq’s decentralized payments, of course.

An earlier version was published in The Cryptonomist.

by Geeq
May 22, 2021

Geeq’s Limitless Ecosystem

Geeq’s network of networks combines the elements of blockchain databases with its own innovative protocols to provide a platform to interact, share, and transact securely – where participation is voluntary, databases are decentralized, marketplaces are open, and payments do not require intermediaries.

by Geeq
May 13, 2021

Geeq™ Payments – Remittances

Geeq is suitable for handling your most valuable payments, even when they are small.

An earlier version was published in CoinPedia.

by Geeq
Apr 7, 2021

Pain in the pharmaceutical chain: is blockchain the remedy?

Geeq’s low-cost way to track and document supply chain data in ways that preserve privacy, yet can be shared readily should their accuracy need to be proven to other parties.

Published first in Asia Crypto Today.