Geeq™ Value Proposition – An Add-On Approach to Enterprise Adoption

By: Geeq  on Sep 4, 2020

Blockchain technology is moving beyond hype into serious territory. With multiple online services looking for the “next big thing”, blockchain is a natural fit for many companies who are ready to disrupt and innovate.

While existing blockchain platforms contain limiting factors which slow enterprise adoption, Geeq’s blockchain architecture supports a limitless, scalable, and secure digital platform. In fact, our entire business model is there to enable enterprises to outsource their own blockchain services’ validation process, using Geeq’s secure validation mechanism, Proof of Honesty (PoH).

In short, we have designed our ecosystem to tick all the boxes necessary for big businesses to make that shift toward blockchain.

Exactly how Geeq’s Proof of Honesty produces a reliable record of information in the blockchain has been explained extensively throughout explainers and technical articles, all geared toward an audience already familiar with blockchain.

To help you visualise the difference, here’s a handy table that breaks out ways “security” must be considered in a discussion about adopting blockchain (the list in the first column). As you can see in the green column, Geeq’s technology is the only one that addresses all of them. Every other approach is far more vulnerable, which means it will be harder for your business and your customers to trust.

Geeq PoW PoS Public DAGs Private PoA Private DAGs
BFT 99% 50% 33% 33% 33% 33%-50%
Edge Security Yes No No No No No
Equilibrium Type Coalition-proof Nash Nash Nash Nash Nash
Sybil-Proof Yes No No Depends Yes Yes
Wealth-Proof Yes No No No Yes Yes
Nation State-Proof Yes No No No No No
Anonymous Yes Yes Yes Depends No No
Trustless Yes Yes Yes Depends No No

Geeq’s unique platform offers a huge improvement on the existing market. In fact, Geeq blockchains have all the properties that blockchains had been working toward.

What does this mean for you and the enterprise you represent?

This article is written specifically for those tasked with investigating how blockchain fits with enterprise services. Especially those who must keep their enterprise information technology and cybersecurity groups’ needs aligned. It assumes interest in providing blockchain services and that decision makers wish to provide the highest level of security and reliability of information at the lowest cost. Geeq is built to become the industry leader in helping enterprises adopt blockchain.

Here, we provide an overview for why enterprises should use Geeq’s tools and data service as their blockchain platform of choice.

Why ‘Geeq Blockchains for Enterprise’ At All?

The Increasing Need to Add Fully Decentralised Technology

Cybersecurity attacks on centralized databases have become more sophisticated than ever before. So it’s no reason why decentralized alternatives are top of mind as potential solutions to this threat.

How can decentralized databases increase security? To put it simply, fully decentralized blockchain networks can counter the threat of cyber attacks because they bypass central points of failure and store data in multiple places.

Building a fully decentralized blockchain platform that can counter the worst cyber security threats has always been top priority for Geeq. Unlike many other blockchain platforms, Geeq’s Proof of Honesty protocol has a fully decentralized system from the beginning. Alternative blockchains have experimented or proposed systems that begin with some degree of centralization (for example, the structure that was proposed for Facebook’s Libra coin), with a plan to move to a more or fully decentralized system in the future.

The Geeq Team is highly skeptical of a strategy for decentralization that relies on gradually phased in decentralization. The reason is simple, enduring, and not easily solved.

Once some central authorities have power, how does the system convince them to give that power up, without forming other powerful authorities?

If there exists any degree of centralization in the processes of approving, writing, and serving the blocks in your blockchain, the full benefits of security via decentralization cannot be realized, by definition. Enterprise adopters should be skeptical of the benefits of non-decentralized blockchain compared to business as usual. As one example, when a blockchain provider gives you a choice of blockchain platforms, many of those platforms’ engines are vulnerable to changes that powerful communities may vote on or implement.  This is akin to centralized software providers, such as Microsoft, who push updates without your knowledge to your data systems. When faced with an unexpected software surprise or a break in communications to the central server of your data, even the best run enterprises will face costs measured in time, energy, expense, and reputational harm.

Geeq’s team understands these concerns and headaches all too well.  That’s why Geeq’s innovative, patent-pending technology and platform design unlocks the full benefits of decentralized blockchain, guaranteeing a stable protocol with extremely low costs for its data service.  It is probably fair to say that Geeq offers security that would take many generations of “updates” for other platforms to develop, assuming they could make a transition to true decentralization.

Additional Data Services without Additional Cybersecurity Concerns

At the same time, enterprise cybersecurity teams are right to be cautious about adopting technology that may introduce unintended or unexpected attack vectors to their existing systems. Anyone who is a Geeq understands this as well. Therefore, Geeq’s blockchain platform is a back end data service that stands alone.

Using Geeq’s blockchain platform does not require an enterprise to integrate Geeq’s technology with its own technology, in order to create and store useful blockchain data for the enterprise.

Cybersecurity concerns of adopting Geeq blockchains are reduced, then, to permissioning or granting access at the application layer. These are not new problems for the cybersecurity experts in any enterprise.

It’s Time for the IT Group to Ride this Wave

Enterprises who have delayed adoption of blockchain may have done the wise thing compared to those who tried to develop their own blockchain platforms in-house.  Geeq has done the research for you, now you are able to benefit while Geeq charges you mere pennies (or less) for your usage.

Benefits of Geeq’s Multi-Chain Platform: It’s Modular

Enterprise decision makers are very aware of how technology choices can have ripple effects across their organizations. That’s hard. Why do that when you don’t have to?

Geeq’s platform is unusual because it restricts application-specific smart contracts and DApps to a DApp-agnostic, multi-chain layer. Any enterprise may choose to use its own DApp chain(s). Thus, you are able to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Geeq as a blockchain data service is designed as an add-on.

This structure reduces infrastructure cost, adoption, and commitment to blockchain to an à la carte, help yourself basis.

Finally, what is your enterprise’s best use of blockchain? In Geeq’s view, aside from trading cryptocurrencies (which has been blockchain’s primary use until now), blockchains that could not provide security guarantees to enterprises actually aren’t much use at all. That’s why every aspect of security received so much attention in our protocol development.

Geeq’s Proof of Honesty ushers in the next phase of blockchain technology for enterprise, enabling the use of any blockchain service that has been imagined.

As well, Geeq’s platform supports smart cities, micropayments, and volumes of other financial transactions without limit. Because Geeq has reconstructed blockchain technology to solve the security-scalability-cost issues, enterprise adopters finally can be confident that the data they access and ingest from Geeq blockchains will have the data properties that early blockchain proponents promised, with the full scope of decentralized blockchain uses before them.

Solving these persistent problems is the reason Geeq exists and occupies a unique niche in the blockchain space. By utilizing our team’s multiple skill sets, Geeq has called upon its collective wisdom to craft an enterprise blockchain platform that is versatile, efficient and built to extend services seamlessly into the future.


Geeq will enable the Enterprise Solutions to enter the second wave of blockchain adoption and take it to the next level.

The major arguments for using Geeq as a blockchain data service are that Geeq’s technology enables blockchains to have the properties that were promised. For enterprises, Geeq’s blockchain platform as a service offers:

  • Security for all users in an enterprise without introducing new attack vectors for their cybersecurity departments
  • Flexibility, low costs, and an add-on approach for the enterprise so blockchain services may be adopted at the pace desired
  • The ability to give their customers assurances that the enterprises themselves are using a blockchain-based service that has no intermediaries, which provides commitments to transparency, accountability, and quality assurance
  • The assurance enterprises are adopting a full-fledged decentralized blockchain platform for business solutions
  • Services from a company that intends its technology to stay well ahead of the curve

Let’s build our businesses together! Separately – but together. Respectfully. That’s the way of going Geeq.

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