by Geeq
Dec 20, 2021

KuCoin listing brings GEEQ to the world

KuCoin listing makes GEEQ available to 8 million active traders globally.

by Geeq
Dec 16, 2021

Geeq Staking Announcement

One more time! We’re opening a new staking pool.

by Geeq
Dec 13, 2021

AscendEX, Liquidity, and Staking Pools Update

An update about the events over the weekend in the AscendEX hack and the changes we are implementing for the web staking we are offering today.

by Geeq
Dec 7, 2021

Important Dates for Geeq’s Web-Staking

We keep our un-staking dates and links here.

by Geeq

Important Staking Update

An important update regarding our AscendEX and webstaking.

by Geeq
Nov 30, 2021

Geeq Token Swap Update

Over the summer, our Tokenomics Update underscored the commitment of our founders and advisors to the Geeq Project. That commitment is unwavering.