Welcome to Geeq!

Geeq is a public blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that is secured by our Proof of HonestyTM protocol (PoH), ensuring your most valuable data is the safest it can be while being easily accessible to all.

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At Geeq, we see how blockchain technology, done right, has the potential to profoundly transform the way we work, transact, and share information.

We envision a future where people will use Geeq to change the world.

We want a future where every person will be able to build, create, and interact freely.

We are working toward a future where every individual will have plentiful opportunities, and easy access, to participate in a decentralized economy honestly and without fear.

Geeq’s patent pending Proof of Honesty allows us to introduce the benefits of a blockchain platform that delivers unsurpassed security, unbounded transaction capacity, and extreme flexibility at a very low cost.

Geeq. Limitless blockchain.


To connect, please drop us a line at: info@geeq.io

Banner Art Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash