Geeq’s Limitless Applications

By: Geeq  on May 22, 2021

The Geeq platform is application-agnostic. That means it is possible to build any blockchain-based application, powered by its own decentralized network, using Geeq’s protocols and automatic payment systems to crowd-source your blockchain(s).

When would you need Geeq?

The possibilities are endless. Here are 5 economic and business scenarios where Geeq excels:

  1. Enabling multiple organizations, whose interests may not fully align, to cooperate and exchange data: Geeq applications are able to accelerate, automate, and streamline interactions among stakeholders in areas such as supply chain finance and logistics or standards-setting in emerging fields such as semi-autonomous vehicles.
  2. Creating a highly secure, auditable record of documents or data: Geeq’s commitment to the integrity of blockchains reduces the costs of record-keeping, search, retrieval, and reconciliation of documents or data. Geeq blockchain databases provide a dependably neutral and easily accessible way to satisfy demands for information coming from all directions. Because Geeq’s blockchains are able to create audit trails in real time and/or validate telemetry data, applications built on Geeq are ideal for traceability and compliance in areas such as workplace safety and efficiency, insurance, energy, accounts management and customer service records, quality assurance, and more.
  3. Securing vital documentation: Geeq offers secure, blockchain-enabled applications for verification of precious documents such as securities, land titles, or large financial transactions. This is particularly useful when stored documents must be certified as exact copies of the originals or when there is uncertainty about characteristics in the definitive version.
  4. Providing decentralized micropayments processing: Geeq enables users to send and receive small payments directly, creating multiple micro-value chains where they have not been possible, such as in the creator economy or in machine-to-machine markets.
  5. Facilitating decentralized transactions between individuals: Geeq can be used to create peer-to-peer markets and escrow services, without a central intermediary, at minimal cost.

The Geeq Difference

Geeq blockchain-based services are:

  • Inexpensive: Basic transactions on Geeq cost a fraction of a cent, making it affordable for everything from IoT applications to micropayments.
  • Secure: Unrivaled 99% Byzantine fault tolerance and strategically provable security.
  • Scalable: Geeq’s multi-chain architecture enables limitless scalability.
  • Flexible: Geeq offers application developers the ability to build their own, customized solutions.
  • Fast: Geeq’s Proof of Honesty protocols make Geeq’s speed competitive with centralized systems.
  • Light: Every application is served by its own decentralized network, so there is no shared overhead.
  • Upgrade-ready: Geeq’s completely new framework adds several years to the lifetime of traditional cryptography with a pre-planned upgrade path for longer term, Quantum-ready solutions.

The technology at Geeq’s foundation is sleek, efficient, and optimized to provide sensible and secure services such as multi-signature transactions natively. Geeq’s own applications bolt directly on top of our validation layer for immediate deployment and may be white-labeled and we are glad to work with you so you can create and launch the decentralized solutions you would like to see in use.