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Patent No:11468046
Patent Granted: 11 Oct 2022
PCT Filed: 17 Jan 2019
PCT Applicant: Geeq Corporation
PCT Title: Blockchain Methods, Nodes, Systems And Products
International Publication Date: 25 July 2019
Priority Date: 17 Jan 2018


The revolutionary technology that powers the Geeq blockchain platform was first inspired in 2017, after Geeq Co-Founders John P. Conley and Ric Asselstine began talking about the state of blockchain at the time.

John was on sabbatical at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, diving into topics that included blockchain, cryptocurrencies, research on privacy, and other topics related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) economics that would soon grab attention in the crypto bull run of 2017. Ric was CEO of Terepac Corporation in Waterloo, Ontario, a company originally positioned to develop advanced electronics miniaturization techniques for elegant, inexpensive instruments, which naturally evolved to be (and continues as) an early and successful entrant in the Internet of Things. Also thinking ahead, Ric saw blockchain as the next step for IoT, and asked John to evaluate whether it would be secure and useful, from a business perspective, to do so.

John concluded existing efforts were not highly decentralized, hence not particularly secure enough to convince businesses to switch from the benefits of a conventional database to a blockchain solution. Never ones to settle for the status quo, the question then became: would it be possible? The research agenda for The Geeq Project was born, and Geeq the Corporation was formed when it was clear the answer was “yes”.

Yes, blockchain could become the useful, attractive, and enabling technology that could disrupt business and live up to its hype – if Geeq’s Core Team could start over and redefine and deploy blockchain in ways that are now unique to Geeq. From there, Geeq has been busy building its technology from the ground up, while adhering to CEO Ric Asselstine’s distillation of what it would take for blockchain to reach mass adoption and beyond. Geeq’s identity is an organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs and continuously improving on Ric’s guide of the 4C’s: Code, Compliance, Community and Customer.

As we grow, Geeqs everywhere seem to appreciate the culture that has arisen. Geeq exists to supply the tools and respect the choices that people make to break new ground, whether it is to help people find ways to solve existing problems better, use Geeq’s unique information technology to invent the future, or simply enjoy being a part of the Geeq ecosystem, designed to bring forth and sustain a virtuous cycle of economic growth: one that rewards honest work and accountability with security and the ability to access opportunities that span the globe.


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