by Geeq
Aug 5, 2020

Geeq AMA with Mandy B – RECAP

Geeqs Stephanie So and Hans Sundby enjoyed their first AMA with the community of Mandy B. Here is the recap!

by Geeq
Jul 29, 2020

Geeq AMA with CryptoDiffer – RECAP

On Monday, the CryptoDiffer Team hosted Geeq for an AMA – here is the full RECAP, complete with extra links to Geeq reference materials.

by Geeq
Jul 24, 2020

Geeq™ Value Proposition – Smart Cities

This week, we highlight how Geeq‘s secure, scalable, and efficient multi-chain platform will support the exponential growth of data services in smart cities.

by Geeq
Jul 20, 2020

Geeq™ Value Proposition – Insurance

Insurance is a difficult information problem. Can Geeq help? As a data service that provides symmetrically available information, yes.

by Geeq
Jul 16, 2020

Geeq’s Unique PoH™ and Blockchain Cyber-Security

The desirable properties of blockchain depend critically on its security model. John Conley explains why Proof of Honesty should be the basis of security in the future.

by Geeq
Jul 11, 2020

Geeq AMA with EljaBoom – RECAP

A fantastic AMA with Eljaboom Crypto World. Full Recap!