Video: Geeq’s Leaderless Protocol

By: Geeq

This video explainer shows you the journey of a transaction at Geeq. It starts with you finding an honest node to send a transaction. Then, it follows your transaction as it moves through a blockchain’s network of nodes. Each node bundles transactions and sends it to a hub, then every node must work independently and show its work.

The final result is that every honest node constructs the same provably honest ledger.

Geeq’s Proof of Honesty is a blockchain technology for everyone. Why? We make it simple for everyone to agree to use the one and only, provably honest ledger that can be found at every honest node.

Summary of Video:

Geeq’s blockchain protocol is novel because it is leaderless, which is Geeq’s own way of keeping a level playing field amongst nodes. The result? You know there is no one in the network who has more power over your tokens than you. (Caveat: you must practice the two steps of Edge Security: keep your keys safe and rely only on information from honest nodes.)

This video explainer is a companion to Geeq’s Testing Framework v0.1. To watch the code in action, and to send a test transaction, jump here!

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