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Thanks to an introduction through Robbie Vander Ghinste, Chief Development Officer Stephanie So arrived at Malta’s AI and Blockchain Summit with a date to meet Jessica Walker, Head of Media Production at SiGMA and the stand out blockchain and crypto reporter who calls Malta her home.

Stephanie talked about her plans to make Geeq an inclusive, easy to use, and worry-free ecosystem for anyone who is trying to decide whether to use blockchain now or in the future.

The Emphasis is On the Customer

From the start, Stephanie has equated building a public (permissionless) blockchain platform with the idea that everyone is a potential customer. So, what are the fundamental characteristics that Geeq has to deliver?

Here’s an excerpt from Stephanie’s interview with Jessica, where they cover everything from a person’s basic need for security to a producer’s desire for creative freedom.

Stephanie: Geeq is taking care of the security layer, so anybody can build, but everybody can be confident that they will not lose their tokens and they do not have to worry about taking care of where they go, they don’t have to worry about updates themselves, so we’re really making it consumer friendly and developer friendly.

Jessica: And it sounds like within this ecosystem that Geeq provides then, people can develop and they can do things as they wish within the ecosystem which is giving a lot of power to the developers which is really refreshing to see.

Stephanie: Yes! I think that we believe in comparative advantage – and so this is why sometimes I go off the rails in talking about technology in the sense that I really believe in human creativity and taking power that way. So we do what we do really well, and then we turn it over to the developers to do what they envision, with the security we provide.

Partnering Toward Mass Adoption

Jessica then asked about the partnership between Geeq and Morpheus Labs and we got another glimpse of how Stephanie fits puzzle pieces together in her mind.

I think that Morpheus is as dedicated to mass adoption as we are, in the sense that they’re making it easy for businesses to onboard, and we want to make it easy for the customers who are using the businesses and thinking about blockchain to say, ‘Oh we have confidence that those kinds of services will provide us value’. So it’s a perfect match.

After Malta, Stephanie was on her way to Singapore to meet the Morpheus Labs team in Singapore. What a life!

See Stephanie’s full interview with Jessica below. You can follow Jessica Walker on Twitter as @jessicasmw, where she regularly posts more fascinating interviews and reports.

Cover Photo Credit: Kaizen Nguyễn on Unsplash

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