Walkthrough #2 – The Genesis Block

By: Geeq

Blockchain as a technology is evolving, and there is no clearer demonstration of the fundamental role it has to play in the world’s digital economy than here, at Geeq. Industry stalwarts and skeptics alike will find exciting new ideas as they go on our walkthrough.

Geeq’s release of Simulator v0.1 is a preview of the next age for information networks.

Why Blockchain at Geeq?

If your primary goal is to find out how to coordinate information or activities involving people you don’t know, you are in the right place. This video shows you a genesis block built to purpose, making it technologically possible to transact payments digitally, even micropayments, without a central data intermediary.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Geeq’s genesis block keeps the cryptographic form of blockchain that has stood the test of time (the recursive hash structure in the block headers), and (a) improves the validation process so provably honest blocks are a dependable source of data, (b) adds Geeq’s new networking protocols which serve to preserve the chains’ database integrity, function in a purely permissionless, incentive-compatible, and decentralized setting, all while (c) giving you, the user, protection from being fooled, robbed, or misled by dishonest actors.

In other words, when any chain is launched at Geeq, it is equipped with what it – and every honest user – needs at inception. No one has to worry about a group of miners, developers, or authorities accessing a back door, changing the rules, or gaining concentrated power over a chain at Geeq.

That is why there is an entire video to take you on a tour of a Geeq Genesis Block, which includes components no other blockchain technology has.

Limitless Ecosystem, Limitless Applications.

Geeq is a multichain platform. It is able to support any blockchain-powered application, giving you all the space you could ever want. Unlike legacy blockchain technology, there is no “main chain” bottleneck and no shared overhead. Every application is backed by its own Geeq chain, and every application begins with its own genesis block.

Stay tuned for our next walkthrough video, and as usual, we welcome all of your questions and feedback!

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