How will Geeq Data improve your life?

By: Geeq

Traditionally, in order to prove something to someone who might not trust you, you’d need to find a witness (such as a notary public or government official) to corroborate your claim and certify you are who you say you are. You’d need to bring your identification and take the time to meet someone physically. The entire process could be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. If you find out afterwards that you need a new piece of information, you would have to go through the entire process again.

When a business goes through an audit, has to comply with regulations, or enters legal discovery, the disruption to the business can be even more time-consuming and costly. It is always better to have your official documents organized so the integrity of your data is easy to establish and clear lines of responsibility are already in place. Geeq Data is a new tool that helps enterprises to organize or automate supporting documentation in real time, easily, in a way that gives you the ability to find and prove your claims at any time in the future.

Then, there are the problems that have gone unresolved because this entire process has been too difficult to incorporate into our daily routines. How many times have you let things go because it was too hard to produce credible proof for your point of view? For example, have you ever let a client underpay you even though you knew she was wrong, because it’s her word against yours and you didn’t want to lose her business? Have you ever watched a boss or colleague make a plan destined for failure, but you knew your enterprise did not collect the evidence that could convince them to change course?

We’ve all had times when we’ve had to make compromises because we didn’t think there was a way to turn those situations around. Well, help has arrived in the form of the Geeq Data app.

Geeq Data reduces the costs of discovering and sharing contemporaneous attestations and it is possible precisely because of the security features of Geeq’s extraordinary blockchain technology. In addition, the app itself is simple to use and easy to access. We hope you will share with us all the ways you might use Geeq Data to improve your life, so we can work to make all of it happen. For everyone.