Geeq™ Data for Regulatory Compliance – Aviation Manufacturing

By: Geeq  on Mar 30, 2022


The wide applicability of Geeq Data‘s attestation service is possible because of its simple, generic design. Geeq has developed a unique and new technology, tailor-made for easy adoption, real-time auditability and regulatory compliance.

From manufacturing to finance, healthcare and more, data are subject to audit by regulatory bodies. Enterprises bear large costs to comply, be prepared for an audit, or both. Read on for a brief hypothetical to help the aviation industry navigate these challenges.

The Challenge: A Demanding Regulatory Environment

The aviation manufacturing industry is regulated in the US by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Manufacturers are subject to FAA requirements from start to finish: from design proposals to Quality System Audits of the production process and facilities.

Some safety and certification regulations are mandatory, while other safety guidelines are recommended. As in any regulatory environment, regulations are subject to change.

Progressing through this process means that aviation manufacturers may be required to produce credible evidence at any time, e.g. that specific components have been replaced at defined intervals and sourced from approved manufacturers. On top of this, aviation manufacturers must also navigate international certification authorities, a process which is subject to heavy time and education costs as bilateral agreements are negotiated.

A Motivation to Adopt Geeq Data:

According to a Global Market Forecast from Airbus, “In the next 20 years, Airbus forecasts the demand for new aircraft will progressively shift from fleet growth to accelerated replacement of older, less fuel-efficient aircraft. This will mean a need for over 39,000 new passenger and freighter aircraft, delivered over the next 20 years – around 15,250 of these will be for replacement of older less fuel efficient models.“

While the product-mix and service-orientation may change, using Geeq Data to streamline the process of data attestions remains the same. Geeq‘s entrepreneurial team has built a streamlined, non intrusive service, with easy adoption and seamless expansion in mind. With Geeq Data, enterprises will be able to reduce their costs for compliance and increase its readiness to respond to audits, regardless of how complex the regulatory environment or other market conditions change.

More information is available on the Geeq Data page, and a video walkthrough of a stripped down version, to show the essentials, while prompting you to imagine how these services may be customized.

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