by Geeq
Nov 23, 2020

Geeq Partners with PlasmaPay

Geeq is pleased to announce its partnership with PlasmaPay, a global cryptocurrency wallet and digital payments DApp with users from over 165 countries.

by Geeq
Oct 27, 2020

Geeq Founders’ AMA – RECAP

Geeq Founders Ric Asselstine and Chief Economist John Conley held an AMA in our very own Telegram. With surprise guest Founder and General Partner Eric Ball of Impact Venture Capital.

by Geeq
Oct 21, 2020

Impact Venture Capital Leads Geeq’s Equity Financing

Geeq to use equity investment to accelerate development of its global micropayments platform.

by Geeq
Sep 28, 2020

Geeq AMA with SpectreGrp – RECAP

Geeqs Stephanie So and Hans Sundby visited @Adouble212 and @JohnnyZCash of @SPECTREGRP. Our thanks to them; we thoroughly enjoyed Geeqing out together.

by Geeq
Sep 25, 2020

Luke Wagman Becomes a Geeq

Geeq is thrilled to welcome Luke Wagman as our newest Advisor. Luke is an outstanding addition who will help establish and grow Geeq in the crypto-fintech space. Exciting times!

by Geeq
Sep 21, 2020

Geeq AMA with theblockcircle – RECAP

Savvy business Geeqs – this recap is for you. CryptoMount’s questions revealed some reasons behind Geeq’s unconventional strategy in the blockchain world.