Micropayments Take Center Stage in Geeq’s Testing Framework

By: Geeq

Introducing Geeq Pay in Micropayments TF v0.2.1

Today, we released a milestone update to our testing framework by adding micropayment transactions.

By enabling micropayments at scale, Geeq’s on-chain transactions can provide an easy to use, consumer-oriented, decentralized payment platform enabling a new pay-as-you-go economy.

By making individual micropayments easier, more private, and less time-consuming than an online credit card transaction, you – and we – can break free from the restrictions of the old economy and help each other to help ourselves.

Don’t be the product, buy the product.

Geeq’s micropayments technology is able to turn the world right side up. This is the way Geeq’s open payments platform will work.

  1. Anyone who has an account in Geeq’s decentralized ecosystem will be able to pre-fund Geeq pennies to have on hand.
  2. As you browse independent websites and stores that are powered by Geeq Pay, but not controlled by Geeq in any way, you will be able to spend your pennies as you like, in only two or three clicks.

As a consumer, there is no need to accept cookies, keep track of the number of articles you’ve read lately, or login to a website with your email address.

As a creator, there is no need to worry about algorithms, advertisers, platforms that take big cuts, or arbitrary changes in rules that can upend your business overnight.

Geeq’s micropayments enable creators to be paid by anyone who appreciates them, charities to tap into small donations, and payment providers to drastically reduce their transaction costs. The days of limited options are numbered. The future is ours to make.

Here is a taste!

Try it Yourself!

To see the new framework in action and experiment with transactions on our demo site, click the link below and imagine the possibilities!

Yes, I’m in my Chrome browser and I’m ready to see Geeq’s MICROPAYMENTS TF v0.2.1 and GEEQ PAY!

What You Will Need

This testing framework is only supported in the Chrome desktop browser. You also need to install “Go Micro” from the Chrome Extension store.

The framework runs exclusively within your browser. To start over, refresh the browser. Once you close the window, it’s gone.

Let’s Build Web3 Together: Spread the Word About Geeq and Geeq Pay

The goal of the testing framework is to show the transformative potential of Geeq’s micropayments and inspire our community. So please spread the word to your friends and colleagues about Geeq and Geeq Pay and get in touch if you have a project and would like to collaborate.

Thank you for your support!

The Geeq Team


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