Morpheus Network and Geeq form Blockchain Dream Team

By: Geeq  on Oct 3, 2022

  • Pilot evaluation will see groundbreaking data services integrated into global supply chain platform
  • Collaboration set to accelerate adoption of blockchain in logistics industry
  • Further plans include NFTs and digital payments

Waterloo, Ontario, CA, September 2022 – Blockchain innovators Geeq Corporation and Morpheus.Network have announced an exciting collaboration to bring Geeq’s feature-rich applications to the Morpheus.Network ecosystem. 

Morpheus.Network provides an automated supply chain platform leveraging blockchain, IoT and other technologies for maximum transparency and efficiency. Geeq’s pioneering technology promises even greater benefits for Morpheus.Network clients, thanks to its streamlined, resource-minimized, modular and highly secure design. Their pre-service level agreement will see Morpheus.Network pilot Geeq’s industry-leading attestation services with its clients, and is expected to result in integration of Geeq’s proprietary technology into the multiple award-winning Morpheus.Network platform, as well as further development of NFT, digital payments and other services.

Although logistics is often cited as an ideal use case for blockchain, adoption has been delayed by the cost and complexity of current solutions. Geeq’s simplified, flexible, user-friendly and trust-minimized technology overcomes these problems, making it the ideal complement to Morpheus.Network’s award-winning global supply chain middleware.

Geeq CEO Ric Asselstine said: “We are delighted to be working with Morpheus.Network, a deeply connected industry leader, one that shares our passionate commitment to next-generation blockchain for real-world needs. For Morpheus.Network clients, Geeq can be that one-stop-shop private to public pathway perfectly tailored to their current and future needs. For Geeq, Morpheus.Network is an ideal channel partner, giving us access to marquee customers in logistics and supply chain, in much the same way that our recently announced deal positions us to serve major fintech enterprises. Tackling these key verticals, one by one, is setting us up for rapid adoption and represents confirmation of a pattern forming.” 

Morpheus.Network CEO Danny Weinberger said: “Geeq is developing innovative technologies that will offer attractive and highly competitive alternatives for blockchain services to our clients. The flexibility to provide private, public or hybrid networks, according to client need, is a great strength. Working together to provide first private instances, and later a fully decentralized public infrastructure, we expect to accelerate commercial uptake of this very promising technology.”

About Morpheus.Network

Morpheus.Network is the supply chain automation platform that seamlessly integrates legacy and emerging technologies. Led by industry veterans, Morpheus.Network has created a middleware layer that connects previously disconnected workflows and systems. Using the latest technology, of which blockchain is a key component, it uses event modular architecture to automate processes. For more information, visit or follow Morpheus.Network on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

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About Geeq

Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by an entirely new, patent-pending blockchain consensus mechanism, which radically reduces the cost of securely transacting value at scale. It is safe enough for highly valuable data, fast and cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use.

Geeq was founded by a team of expert economists and technologists who see unrealized opportunity in decentralized technology, as existing blockchains are caught in a trade-off between scalability and security. Geeq resolves the dilemma, enabling an entirely new category of solutions that unlock blockchain’s real potential for the real world.

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