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by Amy Bell

May 7, 2019

TechTarget Recognizes Geeq as a Blockchain Problem Solver

TechTarget recently recognized Geeq as a problem solver in blockchain, and we are bursting with pride. In the article called, “Problems with blockchain and how they’re being solved,” author David Petersson points out some of the issues with blockchain and then discusses how “cutting-edge companies” like Geeq are tackling these complex challenges.

“IoT deployments have their own problems with blockchain,” Petersson writes. “IoT sensors and devices have low battery and storage. Thus, blockchain IoT developers must deal with feasibility issues,

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by Geeq Corporation

February 25, 2019

Geeq : Interview in Blockleaders

One of our favorite OGs (Original Geeqs), Stephanie So, was recently profiled by Blockleaders, an online publication that features men and women who “inspire, challenge, design and build blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.”

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by Geeq Corporation

January 30, 2019

Geeq : In It For The Revolution

One of our fearless founding Geeqs, Stephanie So, was recently profiled in a Medium Authority Magazine article entitled, “Women Leading the Blockchain Revolution.”

In this illuminating interview piece, author Tyler Gallagher chatted with Stephanie about everything from her winding career path and her influential high school math teacher to the magic of micropayments and how blockchain technology will be more disruptive than the internet.

“The focus of Geeq has always been on security,

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by Amy Bell

January 24, 2019

Geeq : Pushing Distributed Ledgers Toward True Decentralization

One of our founding Geeqs, Stephanie So, was recently featured in a BlockPublisher article by Shehryar Hasan about consensus protocols. In the piece, Stephanie discussed some of her ideological issues with other blockchain implementations.

The idea that databases can be publicly accessed and distributed geographically often leads to the dangerous assumption that this data is beyond any outsider’s control. Stephanie says this is not the case.

In the BlockPublisher article,

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by Geeq Corporation

November 15, 2018

Geeq : Featured in Blockleaders

John P. Conley: Blockchain, Game Theory, and Empowering Humans Above Machines

by Fernando Sanchez

John gets candid in an interview with Fernando Sanchez, and Fernando gets John to explain in plain terms how crucial it is to think about economic game theory when the blockchain stakes are high.

“If you want to trust your society to a blockchain, 51% Byzantine Fault Tolerance is not enough to guarantee the security of stock exchanges,

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by John P. Conley

January 17, 2018

The Geeq Project is launched!

The Geeq Project introduces a new engine for blockchain validation that is far more secure and reliable than Bitcoin (Blockchain 1.0) and Ethereum (Blockchain 2.0).

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