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Geeq Utility

$GEEQ is a utility token used to pay nodes for the validation and virtual machine services they provide to Geeq’s multi-chain ecosystem. $GEEQ is also used as a staking token for the good behavior bonds that help ensure honest behavior by the validation network. As a purely transactional cryptocurrency, $GEEQ is also suitable for use in micropayment and other payment applications.

Basic Information

As of February 2020, Geeq has raised approximately $250,000.00. Geeq’s goal is to raise approximately $500,000.00 through Pre-round and Unlocked-round as follows:

UPDATE: Geeq met its goals and ALL ROUNDS ARE CLOSED.

  1. A Pre-round at $0.18. that vest over three months, intervals beginning on TGE.
  2. An Unlocked-round to Pre-round participants at $0.25 that vest in full immediately upon TGE.

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Both rounds have an end-date at 31 July. TGE will follow shortly after.

Any unallocated tokens will be locked for 6 months and put into the liquidity category.

Only Pre-round participants are able to participate in the Unlocked-round.

There is no possibility for Pre-round participants to reallocate from Pre-round to Unlocked-round.

Settlement of Fees

Users are responsible for any transaction fees associated with token acquisition. ETH, BTC, USDT will be valued at the calculated USD price.

Key Features

Key Features

Proof of Honesty Protocol™

99% Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Edge Security

Limitless Scaling

No Mainchain

Low Cost

Innovative Tokenomics

Patent-Pending Technology

Geeq Tokens and Economics

Tokens & Economics

Soft Cap   250000 USD
Hard Cap   750000 USD
Total Token Supply   100,000,000 Geeq
Initial Circulating Supply   1.56% of Total Supply
Seed Round Token   0.25 USD
Pre-Round Token   0.18 USD
Unlocked-Round Token   0.25 USD
Seed Round Vesting Period   6 Month Lockup
Pre-Round Vesting Period   6 Releases Over 3 Months
Unlocked-Round Vesting Period   No Lockup
Seed Round Allocation   1,000,000 Geeq (1% Total Supply)
Pre-Round Allocation   2,222,222 Geeq(2.22% Total Supply)
Unlocked-Round Allocation   400,000 Geeq (0.4% Total Supply)
Token Type   ERC-20 Until MainNet (Swap)

Token Allocation

Token Allocation


Unissued Supply 59.38%

Pre-Round 2.22%

Unlocked-Round 0.4%

Customer Acquisition 3%

Marketing 9%

Founders 7%

Advisors 5%

Team 11%

Floating Liquidity 2%

Hybrid Seed Round 1%

*59.38% Unissued Supply

If any release, none will be minted until 6 months after the TGE.
All releases will be well communicated.

Token Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule

0.4% Unlocked-Round
$0.25 with no lockup or vesting period.

1% Hybrid Seed Round
$0.25 and locked for 6 months after TGE.

2.22% Pre-Round
$0.18 released over 3 months.

2% Floating Liquidity
Will be released over 6 months.

3% Customer Acquisition
Will be released over 6 months.

5% Advisors
Locked until a successful mainnet is launched, estimated: 1 year after the TGE. Then vested for 12 months.

7% Founders
Locked until a successful mainnet is launched, estimated: 1 year after the TGE. Then vested for 12 months.

9% Marketing
Locked for 6 months, then vested for 24 months.

11% Team
Locked for 1 year, then vested for 12 months.

Pre-Round at $0.18, that vest over three months, intervals beginning on TGE.

Unlocked-Round to Pre-Round participants at $0.25 that vest in full immediately upon TGE.

Hybrid Seed Round at $0.25 are all locked for 6 months after TGE. The Hybrid Seed Round is a mix of equity and tokens.

Floating Liquidity will be released over 6 months in 6 rounds for liquidity and market creation.

Customer Acquisition will be released over 6 months in 6 rounds, includes pre-market and post-market marketing, community airdrops, partnerships and business development.

Founder, Advisor, and Team are all locked until a successful mainnet is launched, estimated: 1 year after the Unlocked-round. These tokens are intended to incentivize contributions to the project and reward success. The twelve month vesting after mainnet launch is meant to further incentivize platform growth and development.

Marketing are intended to be used before and after mainnet launch to build platform traction through partnerships, customer development, application creation, DApp building, and ongoing community building and outreach.

Unissued supply may be minted and distributed at the discretion of the corporate entity following board approval. Distribution is primarily for institutional buyers, liquidity providers and business development as long as the market supports it. If any releases, none will be minted before 6 months after the Unlocked-round. All releases will be well communicated before any releases of this allocation.

Circulating Supply

Use of Funds

Funds raised through the Pre-round and Unlocked-round will be used to develop and to support the liquidity of the GEEQ token.

This includes:

  1. Liquidity and market expansion. Geeq anticipates switching to its unique stabilized-token monetary policy approximately twelve months after the mainnet is launched. To prepare our future ecosystem, Geeq will devote significant resources for liquidity and market expansion as required.
  2. General marketing and development expenses such as website development, advertising materials, outreach, community, partnership and customer development.

Monetary Policy

Geeq introduces an original algorithmic monetary policy (AMP) that provides users certainty about Geeq’s token supply and ties it directly to platform usage. By expanding or contracting the tokenbase in response to market conditions, this policy creates a “stabilized-token” that can increase in value in an orderly way, but is supported to protect it from rapid decreases driven by thin speculative trading. This policy is described in detail in the companion Monetary Policy document. The AMP is planned to be activated 12 months after mainnet launch or as soon as the ecosystem supports it. No tokens will be issued or removed from supply by the AMP before this event. Instead, Geeq will use market activity tokens already issued to bring liquidity for the ecosystem.

Geeq’s monetary policy is pre-funded, transparent, and is designed to smooth volatility and reduce uncertainty. The policy does not, in and of itself, determine the Geeq token’s market price. Instead, the AMP stands ready with a set of known bids and asks that all platform users can take into account when planning and conducting their business.

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The details of the rounds, liquidity and monetary policy, tokenomics and distribution may change depending upon conditions in the current regulatory, financial, and legal environment, agreements with liquidity providers, coding and other technical considerations. New information will be published here. Tokenomics and distribution will not change following the conclusion of the pre-round allocation.

If you are an Accredited Investor who is interested in subscribing to the pre-round allocation, please contact Geeq Corporation’s Head of Crypto, Hans Sundby, by clicking below. Contact Hans Sundby