August 2022 – Token Announcement

By: Geeq  on Aug 6, 2022

Dear Geeq Community Members,

We would like to inform you that we secured a funding commitment. As part of the agreement, Geeq will issue warrants to purchase up to 5.4 million GEEQ tokens over three years. The 5.4 million GEEQ tokens will be conducted from unissued supply and locked into our custodian partner with releases over 3 years.

In case you would like to see our tokenomics, please see the distribution here.

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These are exciting times to be a Geeq. We are working hard to bring you the most secure and efficient blockchain solution on the market and we are grateful to all for your continued support!

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The details of the rounds, liquidity and monetary policy, tokenomics and distribution may change depending upon conditions in the current regulatory, financial, and legal environment, agreements with liquidity providers, coding and other technical considerations. New information will be published here. Tokenomics and distribution will not change following the conclusion of the pre-round allocation.