Planned Token Movement

By: Geeq  on Sep 19, 2022

Dear Geeq community members,

We are writing to provide an update regarding our unissued token holdings. Consistent with previous communications, due to significant interest from enterprises wishing to adopt Geeq’s technology, we are prioritizing the development of private blockchain instances and other commercial opportunities in the short term as the path to public instances and mainnet.

In order to provide the fiscal flexibility necessary to pursue this strategic direction, we will be employing some of our unissued token holdings in scheduled tranches over the coming months. To facilitate, earliest convenience after this announcement, five million tokens will be reallocated to Geeq’s Gnosis multi-sig wallet: 0xD89ce19e422DEc89Ef8bdb8569696AD0094a2E01.

  • You can read a full explanation of our strategic direction and future plans here.
  • To view details about our tokenomics, please find the distribution here.

We remain confident and excited that this is the best path to achieve wider Geeq adoption, which will benefit the entire community as we move forward together.