Geeq Team Releases Tokenomics

By: Geeq

At last! Geeq has published its long-awaited tokenomics.

Geeq’s team of experts in the crypto-space have worked for months to structure the sale of Geeq tokens. Geeq will launch on market with a market cap of 391k based on $0.25 with an initial supply of 1 566 666 GEEQ.

Geeq is currently in its Series A fundraising round with a pre-market valuation of $15M based on code development, intellectual property, people and business development.

For in-depth numbers, releases and information, please check out our Tokenomics page here:

Geeq’s One Pager is also a great cheat sheet for a quick but informative overview of Geeq at a glance. Great for sharing and passing around!

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