TechTarget Recognizes Geeq™ as a Blockchain Problem Solver

By: Geeq  on May 7, 2019

TechTarget recently recognized Geeq as a problem solver in blockchain, and we are bursting with pride. In the article called, “Problems with blockchain and how they’re being solved,” author David Petersson points out some of the issues with blockchain and then discusses how “cutting-edge companies” like Geeq are tackling these complex challenges.

“IoT deployments have their own problems with blockchain,” Petersson writes. “IoT sensors and devices have low battery and storage. Thus, blockchain IoT developers must deal with feasibility issues, particularly if they want to store a high volume of otherwise low-value records (such as IoT telemetry) on the blockchain.”

He goes on to explain how Geeq’s Proof of Honesty validation system ensures the data contained on the canonical ledger of a Geeq blockchain is not corruptible – and also how our protocol guarantees that a chain will exist that is immutable.

Thanks to TechTarget for the awesome shout-out. We are incredibly honored to be featured as a blockchain innovator.

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Photo Credit: Michael Bourgault on Unsplash