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One of our fearless founding Geeqs, Stephanie So, was recently profiled in a Medium Authority Magazine article entitled, “Women Leading the Blockchain Revolution.”

In this illuminating interview piece, author Tyler Gallagher chatted with Stephanie about everything from her winding career path and her influential high school math teacher to the magic of micropayments and how blockchain technology will be more disruptive than the internet.

“The focus of Geeq has always been on security, which is a complicated problem,” Stephanie told Tyler. “There are many kinds of attacks and potential failures. However, if you want a permissionless blockchain to carry high value data with complete security, you have to consider every possibility.”

She also revealed the moment she knew when she was a Geeq. “John and Ric (Geeq co-founders) realized they had an ultra-secure, interoperable blockchain ecosystem that was appropriate for fintech and enterprise applications,” she recalled. “My worldview is different. What might seem too insignificant to include in those applications might be another person’s most precious transaction. There are a lot of people whose lives will never intersect with the interests of fintech or enterprises.” Stephanie said she didn’t get excited until John calculated that the same system could process micropayments for less than 1/100th of a penny.

There it was: the secure, high volume, public, transformative blockchain I had wanted. Geeq’s low cost ensures access to any individual to participate in any role in blockchain. Imagine the possibilities!

“I didn’t so much make a choice to change careers as realize I’d already thought through the next steps. John and Ric would have started Geeq as a business with or without me. I asked for a seat at the table because I knew my perspective was important to include from the beginning, and here I am.”

Read the full Authority Magazine article here.

Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

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