Geeq™ : Featured in Blockleaders

By: Geeq

John gets candid in an interview with Fernando Sanchez, and Fernando gets John to explain in plain terms how crucial it is to think about economic game theory when the blockchain stakes are high.

If you want to trust your society to a blockchain, 51% Byzantine Fault Tolerance is not enough to guarantee the security of stock exchanges, bank accounts, medical records, supply lines, or electrical grids. If blockchain starts to do these things it is easy to imagine that hackers, hostile nations, criminals, or people simply wanting to create chaos, would try to bring the system down. Geeq is a blockchain that is immune to attacks like that.

To enjoy the full interview, and to get a taste of how John finds solutions to problems others might think are impossible to solve, read on here.  Drinks and snacks recommended.

Photo by @_DDesigns_

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