Video: Micropayments and Geeq Pay

By: Geeq  on Aug 17, 2021

We have put together a visual guide on how easy it will be for end users to use micropayments for content, and for payments to go directly into creators’ accounts.

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The Geeq Team

Note: The activity on the Home Tab shows what is happening in the background. The Home Tab is running Geeq’s code and shows what it means for onchain activity to be transparent. Essentially, the Current Ledger State (CLS) allows people to check the accounts were updated automatically and correctly.

“Jane” is a name included here for relatability. Generally, users do not have to identify a name with an account. For example, even though the top row of users have names, you won’t see names anywhere in the ledger or the blocks. All that matters to the code are the account numbers, which are long strings of characters.

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