The hunt is on – for bugs and booty!

By: Geeq  on Jun 7, 2022

With our Geeq Data Testing Framework live, we need plenty of activity to make sure you’re really putting the app through its paces! With this in mind, we have created a treasure hunt to get you exploring. The real-world treasure that awaits comes in the form of a $250 bounty, plus exclusive Geeq merchandise, for one lucky hunter each round. 

How it works

To find the treasure and win the reward, you need to get to grips with both aspects of the testing framework – Geeq Data and Geeq Block Explorer – as well as navigate our website. The event is running over June and July, with six treasures to be found (and one juicy prize) each round. Here’s how to take part. 

  1. Watch our Twitter feed for a hint to start you hunting. The first round will start on June 7th.
  2. Search through the blockchain using Geeq Block Explorer (and a large screen, please – it’s not designed for mobile use). You’ll find clues in the metadata, leading you finally to a coded message in the form of a hashed image file.
    Don’t know about hashes? You will see it labeled as you search — or take a detour for the explanation in Geeq Data’s FAQ2.

  3. The original image will be taken from the Geeq website. Browse through our site to find that image and download it.
  4. Now upload your saved image and/or file to Geeq Data, using the original filename (don’t change it!). Add your Telegram and/or Twitter handles as separate metadata fields. Use another metadata field to enter the text “I found the treasure”.

Winners will be picked at random from the correct answers for each round, and announced on our Twitter and Telegram channels. One of the successful treasure hunters will scoop the Treasure Chest of $250 in USDT tokens along with some fabulous Geeq merch!

And remember, the point of the exercise is to stress test and even break the app – so if anything goes wrong, or you have any thoughts on how to improve it, please let us know!

May the hunt begin!

The Geeq Team