Geeq Q2 2021 – Short Video Update

By: Geeq

For those here for the first time, the Geeq development team (which has been growing) added a few extra milestones to its roadmap at the beginning of this quarter.

Kieran gets John to “zoom” through a quick technical update.


What comes out straightaway is that everyone has been excited about Geeq’s bearer token functionality. The devs have been working to re-purpose the existing structures of Geeq chains: their decentralized networks, efficient messages, blocks, and ledgers in order to reintroduce small transactions as easily exchanged as cash, without passing through a data or financial intermediary.

Translation, please!

What does that mean for Web3? In a word, micropayments native to Geeq’s validation layer. Micropayments that can be originated and settled on Geeq chains at scale.

In the weeks and months to come, Geeqs will have a lot more to say on this topic because, truth be told, we are all excited – this changes everything.

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