Video: How Geeq and Rowbot are making data useful again

By: Geeq  on Jan 18, 2023

If it’s not broken, they say, don’t touch it – but the thing is, enterprise data systems are already at breaking point. 

Large global banks, for instance, are straining to find useful data in their creaking systems that have been patched together over decades with no coherent design. Instead of building an architecture that would help them to manage the complex flows of data arising from modern work and communications, they have tried to make antiquated designs work with ever-changing (and accelerating) workflows. It’s a nightmare, but rebuilding these systems from scratch is even scarier.

During our December livestream, Geeq CEO Stephanie So chatted with Matt Linton, CEO of our strategic partner Rowbot, the data automation platform, about how our collaboration addresses this crisis. It’s a real meeting of minds: Geeq and Rowbot share the conviction that data systems need to be built for the actual business users, not the programmers. And we are excited about being the ones to solve this problem. 

Finally, John Conley, Geeq co-founder and inventor of the Geeq protocol, answered some community questions around scalability, machine learning and the Geeq patents. Watch here: