Geeq Talks Declarative Code

By: Geeq

Geeq’s validation protocol, Proof of Honesty, is unique amongst the protocols proposed in the blockchain arena because it does not make any assumptions about how many people, validators, or nodes are honest. There are no hidden security assumptions because transactions, blocks and ledgers at Geeq are not approved by consensus and accountability for actions are built-in. As the final layer for security, end users are able to identify and choose between the honest and dishonest nodes who compete for their business.

At Geeq, each validator does its own work. (We have a basic explainer here.) Given the same inputs and the same stringent criteria for following protocol, if a validator is honest, it will independently build and maintain the same blockchain as every other honest validator.

Geeq Founder and Chief Economist John Conley is passionate about reducing the Proof of Honesty protocol into the most efficient set of questions and instructions, which then can be used in various combinations to provide provable answers to a wide range of queries.

In this video, John and Kieran have a heart to heart about how declarative code must be at the foundation of a completely trustless system. Distilling the objectives for declarative code and incorporating their requirements is a unique and distinguishing characteristic of Geeq’s approach to technology for a decentralized economy. It is one of the reasons we chose to build from the ground up.


Geeq is providing an open platform where data are treated impartially and will be secure, at the very time when cyberattacks (from within and without) pose existential threats to central intermediaries.

Blockchain skeptics, rest assured. Math is math, bytes are bytes, logic is logic. Abiding by these truths has required writing specifications for declarative code. This care and attention will pay off in the long run because your data will not be subject to a future developer’s idiosyncratic notion of what should happen. What we are building will make Geeq a dependable and powerful engine for the next economy. For everyone.

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