Geeq Q3 2020 Update

By: Geeq

Greetings friends, we know you’ve been asking for another Geeqy update!

First, as our updates are meant to be a one-stop news-shop, let’s go through some of the absolute highs at Geeq since our last update.

JUN Capital

On August 2nd we were pleased to announce that JUN Capital joined the Geeq family as strategic advisors. Jun Capital has entered into an agreement focused on accelerating the awareness and adoption of Geeq in Asia across several important dimensions, including follow-on exchanges, key opinion leaders, and crypto communities in specific Asian regions.
See the article here for more details

Geeq Token Launch

On August 6th we had our official launch with our Token Distribution Event. This was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who supported us during this time.
Read more about the event here

Chainlink Integration

On August 20th Geeq™ announced our planned integration of Chainlink, the market-leading decentralized oracle network, with the dApp layer of our multi-blockchain platform. Upon completion of the integration, any application launched on Geeq will be able to access and/or further interact with Chainlink-powered decentralized oracle networks, allowing the incorporation of off-chain data into Geeq smart contract applications to greatly expand their on-chain capabilities. Because Geeq’s multiple chain architecture efficiently supports scaling for separate applications, integrating Chainlink enhances the sophistication for use cases in Geeq blockchain-based finance, insurance, supply chain, gaming, and more.
See more here

TrustSwap Integration

On September 19th Geeq™ announced our exciting new planned integration of TrustSwap. TrustSwap is an easy way for you and anyone in the world to make safe cryptocurrency transactions, together without the need for a middleman.

This technical integration will be a huge addition to the industry leading services available to dApp developers, projects, and users utilizing the Geeq platform.
The full piece can be found here

Luke Wagman Becomes a Geeq

Geeq is thrilled to welcome Luke Wagman as our newest Advisor. Luke is an outstanding addition who will help establish and grow Geeq in the crypto-fintech space. Exciting times!
Learn about Luke here

Geeq Corporation Announces New Patent-Pending Payment Technologies

On October 9th Geeq Corporation proudly announces its new patent-pending technologies: bearer tokens and certified tokens. These innovations significantly advance the capabilities of blockchain technology to transfer and convey value in a decentralized manner.

A hallmark of Geeq’s blockchain technology is that it is useful for mass adoption. A persistent barrier to adoption has been the level of difficulty in transferring cryptographic assets from one account to another. Bearer token and certified token technology simplify ways for a blockchain account holder to transfer value to a non-specific recipient or a pre-specified recipient, respectively. These categories of tokens have characteristics that are analogous to cash (bearer tokens) and certified checks (certified tokens) in traditionally intermediated financial markets. Learn more here

Impact Venture Capital

On October 21st Geeq announced the close of its equity funding, led by Impact Venture Capital. The founders and team of Impact Venture Capital have decades of investment experience in the fields of finance, database management, computing, communications and internet companies, and corporate portfolio management.

The Geeq Team is proud to be Impact Venture Capital’s first blockchain portfolio company and is excited to work together to grow the Geeq ecosystem and build the backbone of decentralized commerce.
More details here

Geeq™ Merchandise is Here!

We also partnered up with to bring you some great looking high-quality Geeq merchandise. Live like a Geeq!
Shop the Geeq Collection here

As you can see we have been working hard laying the groundwork for the future by pushing forward on all fronts: broadening our international reach with our fantastic new advisors, putting pieces in place for a quick-start with partner integrations, and generally setting Geeq up to be the go-to blockchain for business with new payment-types made possible by Geeq’s latest innovations.

Geeq Developer Update

Now, for you Geeqs who have been asking near daily and wishing to hear about code, our technology updates, testnet progress and more.. we have a treat especially for you.

Co-founder John and Lead Developer Ian Smith met up on zoom to discuss how production code is progressing for Geeq. We hope you enjoy this insight into the thought processes and choices the Dev Team have been and continue to make for Geeq. Great care has gone into choosing the right coding language and incorporation of libraries for efficient network message transmission and fast scale-up on the basis of a solid foundation.

We would like to thank our community for your incredible support over the last few months and also going forward, your help spreading the word and offering suggestions on how we can move Geeq forward are greatly received and always taken on board, so please keep them coming. Together we are opening up a whole new world of commerce on the blockchain.

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