Geeq talks Reinventing Donations

By: Geeq  on Jul 29, 2021

The ways to use Geeq for payments will be limitless, which keeps us incredibly motivated because we have no idea how you will express yourself. We only know we want you to have the freedom to reach your potential.

For us, that means making sure Geeq’s decentralized payments platform is optimized for efficiency and easy enough for real people to use.

That means providing a settlement layer so a sender can make a small payment on chain, like a Geeq penny, at such low transaction costs they can be sure nearly 100% of that payment will reach its destination.

Even if online payment providers onboard crypto, they still will have to conquer the scalability-cost problem for micropayments. (Hint: They should partner with Geeq.)

How can You reinvent Donations?

Geeq Pay is Geeq’s automated solution to receive (micro)payments onchain, through the open garden of websites that will be Web3. What if you used Geeq Pay to collect micro-donations for your favorite cause? We could have talked about the possibilities for hours.

Every one of us encounters causes we want to support every day. Many more of us would send micro-donations if we had access to small payments and that would add up quickly. Lowering the costs and increasing the ability for people to do good should … incentivize more people to do good and it will give them the ability to do more with what they have.

Using a transparent funding mechanism like Geeq Pay has the added benefit of being able to build a track record and a reputation that donors can check for themselves, without having to depend on a third party’s report. Geeq’s unique technology provides an avenue to credibility and trust that has never existed before.

Let’s think about why this hasn’t happened yet. What has gotten in the way of matching resources to good work? We’re sure you know why.

From our point of view, efficiency of payments, ease for small donors and, ultimately – providing a tangible path toward accountability – will knock over those impediments one by one.

Long-time supporters should be noticing a theme. Geeq provides the technology to bring together both sides of new markets.

Build the future with us. Watch this space. Be a Geeq.